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The Team

The Minister

Rev. Kevin Duck has been serving with the McCredie congregation since July 2008. He also serves as the minister at Riverstone Uniting Church.


The Elders
   Helen French
   Robert French
   Peter Warwick
   Greg Wark
   Malcolm Hewitt
   Michelle Thomson
The Church Council

Malcom Hewitt (Chair)
Steven Thomson (Treasurer)
Peter Warwick (Secretary)
Helen French
Suzette Drebber

Soccer Club Management
   Greg Wark(Secretary)
   Peter Warwick (Assistant Secretary)
   Steven Thomson (Treasurer)
   Carolynne Wark (Registrar)
   Carl Mower (Fundraising Coordinator)
   Dorothy Warwick (Canteen)
   Philip Rafter (Councillor NSWCFA)
   Greg Wark (Councillor to NSWCFA)
   Ian Warwick (Representative to GDSFA)

Youth Ministry Team

Katherine French (Fusion Youth) 9892 1428
Amanda Thomson (Justice League) 9604 5641
Michelle Thomson (Sunday School)
Helen French (Sunday School)